Oscar Svetoft is many things. And he is different things to different people. A few ways to describe him is the following; a loving son, a loyal friend, a beloved fiancé, a father of two (cats) and a man of many interests. But one way most people would agree describes him the best is simple. An Artist.

Already at a young age he had developed an interest in drawing. He drew with pencils, crayons and sharpies and drew on literally anything. Paper, textbooks, furniture and walls. Nothing was safe from this young artists creative spirit. Everything was and canvas ready to tell a story of color and lines.

With the help of his supportive parents, who although excited about their sons enthusiasm was not in entirely happy about the green monsters covering the living room walls, he was given both supplies and art books to develop his talent. This, together with his grandparents passionate interest in art and culture, bringing him along to one exhibition after another, later led him to study art at college after high school and for him to now pursue it for a living. Allowing him to become what he always wanted to be.

An Artist.